Dubai Angled Brush

Hair:hypoallergenic synthetic Tafre fiber (28% of annually renewable plant based ingredients, Japanese patent), 25 mm
Holder:aluminum painted in pink gold shade, 40 mm
Handle:natural wood with a shimmering pearl finish, 90 mm
Overall length:155 mm

“Dubai by Tina” is new brush inspired by the exciting rhythm of the most luxurious and fashionable oriental city of Dubai, its amazing scents, shades and architecture. Its soft shapes recalls the lines of legendary Burj al-Arab, and emphasize the beauty of the skin, providing it with a seductive velvety finish. It is suitable for both professional and at-home makeup.

In “Dubai by Tina”, we used silky hypoallergenic hair blend from Japan with silver ions that prevent bacteria’s growthand allow to use the brush longer than usual. Its special texture perfectly imitates natural materials and is ideal for working with any type of products: liquid, cream or powder.

Together with“Dubai by Tina” it is easy to emphasize the cheekbones, create a gentle blush or make the effect of a sun-kissed skin with a bronzer.

Create an unforgettable make up and shine bright as Oriental night with Tina!

25 USD



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