London Pointed Eye Brush

Hair: goat, 13 mm
Holder: aluminum painted in pink gold shade, 40 mm
Handle: natural wood with a shimmering pearlfinish, 95 mm
Overall length: 148 mm

Aristocracy of classical British architecture, palecolors of Greenwich and famous English precisionwere the source of inspiration for our new “London” brush. Its elongated body and tapered shape resemble the image of Big Ben, and the soft but supple hair is ideal for working with dry and creamy textures, as well as with a pencil.

Despite the fact that “London” is a true gem of a professional beauty case, it’s also a perfect option for anyone who craves for a soft wings or would like to add some shiny accents into eye makeup. Due to its miniature size and pointed tip, this brush is indispensable for a fine shading, work on the lash contour and with color details.

We’ve entrusted the production of “London by Tina” to Japanese professionals. This brush has natural Saikouhou goat hair, which is famous for its incredible softness and excellent adhesion: thanks to this, you can apply and blend shadows, pigments or a pencil in a matter of seconds.

Enhance the deepness of your eyes with “London by Tina”!

22 USD



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